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Introducing Pocket 3D Score Card

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User your Pocket PC to keep scores at 3D shoots the quick and easy way.  You simply add the event, enter archers into the table assign archers to the event and go to the score card.  Keep track of scores for as many archers in a group as you want... see up to the second totals for any archer and also list an individual archers scores for each target, total for the event and percent related to points possible.  Users Guide is included in the download with full instructions on how to use the program.  Try it out before you buy it.  Future development is in the works to create a PC version that you can download your scores into.  Take your Pocket PC or Palm (see below) device to the shoot and then download your scores to your PC.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated as this PC version is being written.

New Update 3/26/2004

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ESC Palm 2.6a

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If you have a Palm OS devise and you love to shoot a bow then Check out the new ESC Palm software.

Use this handy program to keep track of different archery events. Ideal for scoring 3D tournaments for each archer in a group. Put as many archers into an event as desired and easily keep track of scores for each individual.

Download the demo software now by clicking  the link below - all the files necessary are included in the Zip file along with the User Guide.  Take a look at the user guide online for more information on how ESC palm works by clicking the link below.

New support for Palm OS 5.x devices

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Please Note: Files formatted in Portable Document Format (PDF) require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to access. You can download the free reader directly from Adobe.

Acrobat and the Acrobat logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Register your copy of ESC Palm at by clicking here!

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Magnificent Seven Desktop Background*

Magnificent Seven
Click image for larger view

This Desktop Background is my way of saying Thanks to everyone for supporting the Idaho Archery website!

Three Different resolutions to choose from.
Download 640 X 480 Image
Download 800 X 600 Image
Download 1024 X 768 Image


Images are compressed in ZIP file format.  To extract image you will need a ZIP utility.  We recommend WinZip which you can download a trial copy at

Instructions for Applying Background

  1. Download the file above based on the screen resolution your computer is set to.   Save the file to a folder on your computer, just remember where you saved it for step 2.  To determine this if you don't know Right Click on you desktop (no applications running or all minimized so desktop is clear).  Choose Properties from the popup menu.  You should see a screen entitled Display Properties ~ should look something like this :
dsp_set.jpg (20017 bytes) The Screen Area is what your resolution is currently set to.

* For clearest results we recommend that you set the Colors to True Color

  1. Once the selected file is down you will need to unzip the ZIP file you downloaded.   We recommend using WinZip.   Using whichever tool you desire for the ZIP file extract the BMP file to the C:\Windows or other directory you use to hold your desktop images.
  2. Ok, now that you have the BMP file extracted onto your system you are ready to make it your background.    Go back to your Display Properties dialog screen and select the Background tab

If you extracted the BMP file to the windows directory then it should appear in the Wallpaper section below as M7_460, M7_800 or M7_1024 depending on the image you downloaded.  Select the background image and then press Apply.

If the image does not show up in the Wallpaper list then you saved the file in a different folder on your system.  Press the Browse button and using the open dialog window that pops up find and select the M7_xxx.bmp file you downloaded and press OK.   That should return you back to the Display Properties dialog.  Press the Apply button and then OK.

You should know have the Magnificent Seven Background!

dsp_bck.jpg (19914 bytes)

* The Magnificent Seven Desktop Background image is Copyright, 1999 by Joe Berg and Idaho Archery and has an embedded watermark by Digimarc.   It is available only for personal use on an individual PC and is not not be distributed by any other method other than from this webpage.  It is also not to be used in any way on a website without the express written consent of Joe Berg or Idaho Archery.

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ESC - Electronic Score Card

What is ESC? Electronic Score Card or ESC for short is a simple and easy way for you to track your shoot scores.  Version 1.0 has been retired in preparation for a new version will will support data transfer from the Pocket 3D Score Card and ESC Palm devices.  This new version is currently under development and is such a deviation from the old ESC 1.0 version that the older version may no longer be supported.  We appreciate your patience and hope everyone will find the new software a benefit.  Please keep checking back for availability of the new software.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on what you would like to see in the new software please drop us a line at

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