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P.O. BOX 106
Nampa, ID  83653

Indoor Range & Meeting Room
222 W. Railroad Nampa, Idaho  83651 (208) 466-4374

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Gage Brock (WxH) - I shot it with a Hoyt 38 Pro and a ACC-360 tipped with a Shuttle-T Lock 100 gr. The bear went 10 yards and I shot it June 15th
Gage Brock
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Thank you for visiting our site and showing interest in our club. Our archery club has been in existence for 50 years as of 2007.

The Nampa Bow Chiefs is a well rounded archery organization, supporting bowhunting and target shooting for all ages. We have an indoor shooting range where we host fall and winter leagues of various formats, allowing archers to hone and maintain their shooting skills when the weather isnít conducive to outdoor shooting. There is also an outdoor range at the Nampa Bow Chiefs facility with permanent target fixtures, ranging from 20 to 50 yards that is open to the public.

We highly encourage our members to be active participants in the club and we have several opportunities throughout the course of a year for you to help the club and meet the members of the organization. Some of these items include: building and range maintenance, hosting multiple indoor and outdoor tournaments, monthly membership meetings, and working with kidsí organizations to help grow and preserve the future of our sport.

Nampa Bow Chiefs has two levels of single and family memberships; key holding and non key holding. A key holding membership allows 24x7 access to the indoor archery range for the year. Once becoming a member, you will receive a monthly newsletter and a calendar that give you the upcoming events for the next month. We try hard to keep our members informed about whatís happening within our archery organization and the archery world as a whole.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the application and contact a board member. Our board members are very willing to meet new members at the club to give you a walk-through of the facility and issue you your key. Join us today!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

NBC NW Bowhunter Classic
Date : 1/10/2015 thru 1/11/2015

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NBC SW Idaho Shootout and IFAA Vegas
Date : 1/17/2015 thru 1/18/2015

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President Bert Croy
Vice President Al Rudai
Treasurer Kim Boyack
Secretary Russ Scharman

Board Members

Dana DuMond
Scott Allen
Stewart Crislip
Rick Boyack
George Loader

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